7 Most Beautiful Felt Wreaths That Easy To Make And Affordable For Everyone

7 Most Beautiful Felt Wreaths That Easy To Make And Affordable For Everyone

It is not expensive material, just felt. But it is a nice material that usually used for crafting. Even a DIY newbie can create anything with this. What about Christmas ornaments? These ideas are about felt wreath to celebrate Christmas. Check out further!

Cool DIY Red And Green Christmas Felt Wreath

Cool DIY red and green Christmas felt wreath

This is an easy DIY that will upgrade your home decoration in Christmas Day. Made of green felt leaves and with red felt balls, this wreath looks simple and traditional. This wreath looked bright and pretty at night.

DIY Scalloped Christmas Wreath

DIY scalloped Christmas wreath

Instead of a traditional wreath, it will be nice to try modern version. Look at this project with green, white and black felt scallop. Then, the wreath has luxurious touch from gold glitter branches. It appears attractive with a large gold bow.

Attractive DIY Fairy Light Christmas Wreath

Attractive DIY fairy light Christmas wreath

If you wish to have a brighter room, install this wreath with lighting. What seen here is a wreath with bright felt blooms that totally awesome. Hang it on the wall or door. It works well for both, traditional and modern look.

DIY Whitewashed Vine Wreath

DiY whitewashed vine wreath

Using a white vine wreath for decorating a home might bring little bit different touch to your wall. It looks pretty cute with felt balls all around. Feel free to add lighting to make it bright at night. This wreath will great for all season.

DIY Bright Floral Felt Christmas Wreath

DIY bright floral felt Christmas wreath

This flower wreath is budget-friendly for all. You only need to find out a red fabric that is not used any more. Then, cut it into small peaces as like as flower petals. Attached them one bu one using glue. Add green fabrics as leaves as well.

DIY White Felt Leaf Christmas Wreath

DIY white felt leaf Christmas wreath

What about white leaves wreath this Christmas. It looks awesome with little red berries on the top of it. Hang this wreath on the front door or anywhere as you like. May we say that this wreath looks like frozen and cool?

DIY Beautiful Felt Greenery Wreath

DIY beautiful felt greenery wreath

Find out felt leaves to create a durable and cool greenery wreath this year. This simple wreath can stand alone as Christmas accent. However, feel free to add other touches like blooms, berries, or stars.



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