Breathable Houseplants for Home Decor

Breathable Houseplants for Home Decor
Breathable Houseplants for Home Decor

House plants liven up your room beautifully. Earlier, houseplants have been going in and out. People are excitingly bringing the house plants indoor.  The houseplant has health benefits, such as give an assist in breathing, clean the air, boost healing, help deter illness and help you and your family work better.

Houseplant is smart to help us to breathe a new life on our own home. Some of houseplants survive with minimal fertilizing and erratic watering. But, in a worst case your plants cannot survive, you better do some research and consult to the expert to fix the plant problem. Find hat your houseplant need for recovery. Back to the topic, let us see the Breathable Houseplants for Home Décor.


Authurium Breathable Houseplants for Home Decor

The authurium is mostly popular because its waxy red flowers which very eye-catching. In addition, people also love ho authurium has constant blooms and its persistent. To keep it beauty, avoid authurium from direct sunlight and let the soil to dry between each watering slightly.


fern Breathable Houseplants for Home Decor

Fern is always spectacular either in hanging or on the pot. Your home in any corner or space ill never go wrong with fern because it so gorgeous.

Grafted Ficus Bonsai

Grafted Ficus Bonsai Breathable Houseplants for Home Decor

If you are looking for houseplant to accompany you t have great desk conversation, this is the answer, the grafted ficus bonsai. This plant is able to live with tolerating ranging from lo to bright light but not the direct sunlight. It can also live in irregular watering for the most part.

Giant Strelitzia Nicolai

Giant Strelitzia Nicolai Breathable Houseplants for Home Decor

Giant Strelitzia Nicolai or known as the giant white bird of paradise is perfect for your living room. It could have 20 feet tall in ideal conditions which create awesome impression. While many houseplants are sensitive to full sun, this houseplant welcomes it. Do not forget to fertilize monthly and keep the soil moist to get the best result.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera Breathable Houseplants for Home Decor

This houseplant is popular because of its benefit for beauty treatment as skincare. But, actually, aloe vera is also great for our neighbor who has trouble with other plants. You just plant aloe vera in cactus soil and place in a bright spot. In addition, aloe vera is so flexible. It does not need specific container or interior.



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    Home flowers can perform many functions when decorating an house. On the one hand, they dilute the interior and make it more lively and cozy, on the other – with the help of a ceramic pot or flower stands you can divide the space of the room into zones, as well as place bright accents or hide the flaws of the room. Opportunities to use indoor plants a great many. If you wish, you can even have a house ornamental grass

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