Traditional Scandinavian Christmas Decor Ideas That Minimalist And Cozy At The Same Time

Traditional Scandinavian Christmas Decor Ideas That Minimalist And Cozy At The Same Time

Scandinavian styles will show us the real winter sensation. So, it does awesome for Christmas decorations. Usually, it comes with natural wood, black and white hues, and traditional lantern. When you want to add other colors, please install fabric tree ornaments, stockings, red berries, and carpets. Scroll down and find more inspiration!

With A Branch Arrangement

With a branch arrangement

Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, this area done very well with white and wooden ornaments for Christmas decor. It appears natural and inviting though without red ornaments. A potted green plant completes this nook.

Whitewashed Branches

whitewashed branches

This Christmas decor will upgrade your room decoration in a simple touch. Look at the whitewashed branches that work well with white and silver Christmas ornaments. Even the branches looked awesome with fluffy and metallic ones.

A Branch With Paper And Fabric

a branch with paper and fabric

For minimalist room decoration, you can add paper and fabric ornaments and cinnamon sticks. This Christmas, your room will look simple but attractive with some details that truly Scandinavian that nice.

For A Nordic Christmas Feel

for a Nordic Christmas feel

This is a calm decoration for Christmas that works well even for a small nook. Here the owners combine evergreens and blooming bulbs for an enchanting decoration. Then there are candles and a Christmas tree in a pot too.

A Frame With Greenery

a frame with greenery

There are a lot of things to do for designing a Scandinavian Christmas look. You can see this space filled with a frame with greenery. On the frame, the designer adds branches and a candle lantern. For Nordic decoration, it has metallic ornaments too.

With A Christmas Tree

with a Christmas tree

Decorate your Christmas tree with lights and install white ornaments in a basket to Scandinavian look. A big white armchair completes this nook for a comfy seating area. We love the white throw pillow on the chair as well.

A Cluster Of White And Silver

a cluster of white and silver

For a Scandinavian feel, add a cluster of white and silver Christmas ornaments. Then hang them on red ribbons. Put these beautiful accents near the window. This simple touch will work very well even in a small area.

Scandinavian Feel With Branches

Scandinavian Feel With Branches

It is easy to install branches into your home. However, you need to add other elements to spruce it up. Find out paper and felt ornaments to fill the branches. Then, a garland plus gift boxes wrapped in craft papers will add traditional feeling to this decor.




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