13 Best Christmas Tree Decoration to Light Up Your Christmas Eve

13 Best Christmas Tree Decoration to Light Up You Christmas Eve

Have you get the idea how to light up your Christmas tree? If you haven’t then scroll down and look at 13 Best Christmas Tree Decoration for your inspiration to get the best Christmas eve with your family.

Black and White Tree

This black and white tree is the combination of rustic signage, wooden snowflake, gingham accents and white light. It is perfect tree decoration for your country chic home.

Feather Tree

Fill the empty holes on your tree with fluffy feathers and make your tree look gorgeous.

Floral Tree

The combination of several faux floral will make your tree looks colorful and pretty.

Pink Flower

We love how the owner gave final touch on this tree with pink flower It enhanced the beauty of the tree. With the combination of rich raspberry ribbon which complements the gold trimming make the perfect combination.

Gold and Navy Blue Tree

Look how the combination of all gold and navy ornament accessories and ribbon made this Christmas tree look gorgeous.

Mini Traditional Tree

Let us for once embrace traditional decoration with cranberry garland, tartan ornaments, plaid bow and clip on candlesticks.

White Tree

Using white Christmas tree on your home make it look luxury and gorgeous. Feels like your entire home full with snow.

Disco Tree

Look so glamorous with Disco Ball Tree. Take different size of disco ball, glue them together and shape it into Christmas tree.

Citrus Ornaments

Use citrus ornaments as decoration on your tree to make it feel relaxing and cozy.


Add some golden bows on your Christmas tree and looks how the radiance make your tree look extravagant.

Hay Tree

This is a must-have Christmas tree for all the cowboys. Stacked hay bale and add several string lights and stars on it. For the final touch put a lone star as a topper.

Red Ribbon

Looking for different and unique Christmas tree? Try this Christmas tree decoration by Jen Woodhouse. The red colored ribbons make your tree eye catching.

Sweet Tree

Look how sweet this Christmas tree. Take some lollipop ornament, peppermint baubles and combine them together as tree decoration.


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