5 Easy Steps DIY Little Garden Using Mason Jars

5 Easy Steps DIY Little Garden Using Mason Jars
5 Easy Steps DIY Little Garden Using Mason Jars

To give additional decoration to your home sweet home, many people try to create their own beautiful garden. But sometimes people think they need wide space to have a garden in their house. Did you know you can have portable mini garden in your house? Using unused Mason jars, you can have your garden without using wide space. It is not that difficult to make it, don’t believe me? Here I will give you 5 Easy Step DIY Little Garden Using Mason Jars for you to try.

Step 1 : Place Rocks in Mason Jars

Place Rocks in Mason Jars

The first step is to put layer of rocks, marbles or even gravel about 2 inches deep. This purpose is, since Mason jars don’t have holes as a system for drainage, this will prevent roots from damage.

Step 2 : Potting Soil

Potting Soil

Fill Mason Jars with potting mix for about 2 inches below jar rim. And unlike soil, potting mix is a medium that includes organic material like compost, peat and even sometimes perlite. Potting will provides moisture retention and the right choice for container gardening.

Step 3 : Planting the seeds

Planting the seeds

There are two ways you can do when you want to plant in Mason Jar. The first you can use traditional way which is simply sow the seeds on top of potting, after that you also need to cover seeds with an inch of additional potting and lightly water the seeds.

Second way, you can also chose to transplanting herbs to Mason Jars, you need to gently pull the roots apart, this is to prevent the roots from fall apart. When you want to move the plant to mason jars, remove a little potting, after you move the move put back the potting so the roots will all be covered.

Step 4 : Labelling



This step not only make it easier for you to recognize your plants, but also you can make your Mason Jars look prettier by adding personalize labeled.

Step 5 : Maintenance



The most important thing is to maintenance your little garden. The amazing aspect of using Mason Jars is its portability, with this you can move around your plant and place them anywhere you like. But you also need to remember to put your plants in a location which receive at least six hours of sunshine every day. Also you need to remember to give enough water to your plants, not excessive but enough. That’s all for 5 Easy Step DIY Little Garden Using Mason Jars. So? What plant you have in your little garden? Tell me in below comment.



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